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Brandnew: Meat Club...

... the Platform for meat-trading in the Internet

If the Corporations of meat-trading will survive in the long run, they have to know and use the Internet as the Sales- and Marketing-Instrument of the future. 

From this point of view entrepreneur Uwe Schnoor, located in Bad Bramstedt, developed an Internet-Platform for meat-trading, catchy called "MeatClub". 

This System is especially tuned to the needs of traders and mediators. Only these both groups can become members and participate on the possibilities the Internet offers to them. There is no access for butcher shops and their factories. For example members of MeatClub can reduce their costs in many ways: Personal, Communication, Time and Advertising.  Also the Potential of Business will reach a higher level, because the members are able to find new suppliers, customers and business-partners and get even more information than ever before. 

The Internet-Platform "MeatClub" goes like this: Everyone who wants to participate has to register first. After that, one receives a username and his personal password. That´s all. From now on, the new member is allowed to use the complete system, whenever he wants at any time. 

The system works real simple. If the user wants to make an offer for example, he only have to choose the field "Supply" and reaches a graphic. From here he can go to the specific group of products. After a click on a former choosen symbol a field appears, where he can enter his data including quantity and price. The whole action only takes 30 seconds including loading of the sites and release. 

And here is one of the best features of the entire system. Because it is a full automatically intelligent database, one can only define his personal choose with figures the system can really offer results for. The announcement: "No Data found" doesen´t exist in MeatClub. Another important feature that has to be mentioned, is the built-in databased Postsystem, which guarantees, that anything that has something to do with the supply can be handled fast and safety without using any other slower and expensive Communication Tool. Furthermore there are  plans for a chat-room and a news-area in the near future. 

Those, who are no members of MeatClub can use our public area and find some, but only limited Supplies. But however, the mainthing is, that MeatClub is the right key in the Internet for successful meat-trading. 

In the beginning Uwe Schnoor will offer special conditions for all who are interested in this project. For an admission fee of 80 Euro the member receives all advantages of MeatClub without any further costs. This is a really good chance for the meat-trading to take part at the growing business of "Electronic Commerce" in a cheap and easy way and not missing the possibilities of the future Markets. 

Uwe Schnoor (Tel: 0049 4192  81268-0) would like to give you further information about MeatClub or simply visit our website: http://www.MeatClub.de 

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Wolfgang Schickler
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